Story 1


Kea Maleen Metje

“It was just before the end of the break when a couple of seventh-graders ran into the secretary’s office. I only heard in the background that a friend of theirs was lying unconscious on the football field. I grabbed my jacket right away and called out to Maike to get the big first-aid kit and go to the soccer field right away. I ran out and saw Nic lying on the ground in the goal. He was completely white and didn’t react when I shook him. His eyes were wide open, his lips were already blue, and I couldn’t feel his pulse. I started pressing on his chest right away. When Maike arrived, she started mouth-to-mouth ventilation. It was about 10 minutes before the ambulance people arrived to take over, but it felt like forever. But I didn’t notice it was any effort and I didn’t stop doing the compressions. Nic survived, thank goodness.”

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