unbelievable, but true storys

Lives have been saved. These are the stories from true heroes, inspired or written of the involved persons. We thank the authors for their contributions.

Story 5

My son also saved my life

By Ivan and Otto Weizenegger

It’s the day of the school-leaving exams: Ivan Weizenegger (17) has to rush home during the lunch hour, he needs a file from his PC. When he gets there, he finds his father Otto (57) lying under his desk gasping — sudden cardiac arrest. Ivan reacts right away, calls the emergency doctor and uses all the techniques that he only just learned the week before in a first aid course.

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Story 4

My daughter — my lifesaver!

by Walter de Wald

“On January 16, 2015, my wife noticed during my afternoon nap that I was only just wheezing and gasping. She called our daughter, who has an apartment in the same building with us. My daughter dialed the emergency number and started compressing my chest right away. The emergency center gave her more instructions on the phone about what to do until the rescue services arrived.

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Story 3

“Check – call – compress” at the airfield

by Daniel Fechtrup

“May 8, 2011 was a sunny day that I was spending at the gliding center at Münster-Osnabrück airfield again. I was 15 at the time and I used to go to the airfield nearly every weekend while I was qualifying for my glider flying license. So far everything had been routine, my friends from the youth group and I were getting the gliders ready for take-off and making sure that flying operations were going smoothly. But when a two-seater glider landed and the pilot called out for help, everything suddenly starting happening very fast. I ran over to the glider that had landed and saw that the passenger had collapsed.

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Story 2


About 720 school students from various grades took part in this series of events specially designed for young adults by Ortenau Hospital (more information at http://www.ortenau-gesundheitswelt.de/gesundheitsakademie/). The events were held in February and March in Offenburg, Lahr, and Ettenheim. As well as interesting medical talks about health topics, the school students who were taking part also learned about theoretical and practical aspects of how to save people’s lives when a cardiac arrest happens. This was the first time the Ortenau Hospital has included the nationwide campaign on “Kids Save Lives: 100 Percent Resuscitation” in its programme.
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Story 1


Kea Maleen Metje

“It was just before the end of the break when a couple of seventh-graders ran into the secretary’s office. I only heard in the background that a friend of theirs was lying unconscious on the football field. I grabbed my jacket right away and called out to Maike to get the big first-aid kit and go to the soccer field right away. I ran out and saw Nic lying on the ground in the goal. He was completely white and didn’t react when I shook him. His eyes were wide open, his lips were already blue, and I couldn’t feel his pulse. I started pressing on his chest right away. When Maike arrived, she started mouth-to-mouth ventilation. It was about 10 minutes before the ambulance people arrived to take over, but it felt like forever. But I didn’t notice it was any effort and I didn’t stop doing the compressions. Nic survived, thank goodness.”

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