Making a world record — Germany is a lifesaver

With the watchword “Check – Call – Compress,” 12,000 school students in Münster have notched up a new world record for simultaneous resuscitation training. In the space of half an hour, the students learned the right thing to do in an emergency and together with Daniel Bahr, Germany’s Minister of Health, they put it into practice themselves.

To give kids more confidence in their own abilities and dispel any fears they have about resuscitation, it’s important that children and young people should be told about the topic as early as possible. It makes them better prepared for emergencies and means they will have fewer inhibitions about intervening. Prof. Van Aken, Director of the Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care at the University Hospital in Münster, said: “Resuscitation training absolutely needs to be included in the school curriculum. Even just an annual two-hour refresher course means lasting success with what they learn.” This way, anyone can “save a life.”


Bundesgesundheitsminister Daniel Bahr, Prof. Dr. Hugo Van Aken, Rektorin Prof. Dr. Ursula Nelles, Oberbürgermeister Markus Lewe, Dr. Peter Brinkrolf und Moderator Werner Schulze-Erdel

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