Story 4

My daughter — my lifesaver!

by Walter de Wald

“On January 16, 2015, my wife noticed during my afternoon nap that I was only just wheezing and gasping. She called our daughter, who has an apartment in the same building with us. My daughter dialed the emergency number and started compressing my chest right away. The emergency center gave her more instructions on the phone about what to do until the rescue services arrived.

The rescue services then continued the resuscitation. After my successful resuscitation in our apartment, the fire brigade had to be called with their ladders, because I couldn’t be carried out down the stairs in the building. I had to be taken out via the balcony. I wasn’t aware of any of this. I only woke up again several days later and was quite surprised to find myself in hospital. I had a defibrillator implanted on January 29. I’d like to thank my wife Elfriede, my daughter Birgit and everyone else who was involved in the rescue and gave me my life back again!”

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